The 21 Day Journey


It has been stated often that the longest journey begins with a single step. Are you ready to start the longest and most significant journey of your Christian life? It could well begin with this single step today.

Join us on this 21 day journey from the mundane religion of the average church attender to a relationship with Jesus that fulfills your thirst for a knowledge of the Lord, perception of His will, and assurance of His interaction in your life. In the next 21 days we are seeking:

To hear God speaking in our life.

To see evidence of God’s favor.

To experience growing faith.

To begin to do the things that Jesus did.

To bear fruit.

It begins by making a commitment. Sign a commitment card today expressing your intent to three things between January 10th and 31st. First, you are going to have a daily time of personal devotion. If you already keep a daily time of prayer you may want to add 15 to 30 minutes to it for this special time of seeking God’s favor.

Secondly, you are going to read from the Bible every day during these 21 days. We suggest reading 1 to 5 Psalms a day, a chapter from Proverbs, and a chapter or two from the New Testament. Anything you can commit to for three weeks.

Also, I want to challenge you to fast. A very lofty goal for a mature believer who has experience fasting may choose a complete fast for the entire 21 days, but that may not be possible for many of us. Let us suggest a Daniel’s Fast for some who would like to cover the entire time in fasting. A Daniel’s Fast, however, takes significant planning. Instead, you may choose one day each week as a fast day. You may choose not to eat anything or to completely skip one meal on that day each week. The important thing is to make a choice and certainly if we make a vow to God we must keep it.

We want to give you an outline for prayer which we believe will help you to make your prayer time most meaningful. Some may want to continue the unbroken daily prayer commitment for longer. Some may want to do it forever. Whatever you decide, everyone who participates in this journey is going to know a greater connection in their walk with God.

-Pastor David

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